Renewable technologies are derived from the application of the knowledge of natural systems to convert renewable resources into useful forms of energy.

The earth receives vast solar resources from the sun. To utilise this resource the following solar technologies are crucial in a sustainable energy system.

Low Temperature Solar Thermal has been divided into several areas.

Wind resource has been used traditionally in agricultural and transport applications. It is now also used in power generation.

Technologies that capture the energy available in hydrological, tidal and ocean thermal resources are amongst the fastest growing sectors of energy supply.

Biomass, waste and geothermal technologies are proving themselves to be indispensable in simultaneously reducing environmental degradation and efficiently supplying a variety of specialised energy requirements.

In order to utilise the renewable resources in stand-alone power and distributed generation systems effectively, a range of enabling technologies are being developed in the area of power conditioning and storage.

Building material technologies and sustainable design principles are allowing human settlements to use available natural energy flows to leave a smaller ecological footprint.

Many applications have been developed to utilise these technologies in a sustainable manner.